Our Introduction...

Like any good relationship, we feel the need to introduce ourselves and give you insight to our vision.

We, Matt [Ma] and Kimbra [Ki] Birchler [Birch], have enjoyed creating and building in our 16 years of marriage.  While we have been mostly focused on raising our four beautiful children for the past 14+ years, we have had a vision and desire to share our creations with the world.  Matt, an artist and talented musician, spent the last 2 years woodworking and drawing for the shop after a 17 year stint as a retail manager, while I envisioned creating the Maki Birch brand to offer amazing home décor and gifts as a wholesale product for retailers nationwide.  With a humble beginning but a wide horizon, we are thrilled to use our talents to bless your stores and our family.  Thank you for supporting us and...it's nice to 'meet' you.

Be blessed,